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Kaytee L

Kaytee has a degree in Sociology from Arizona State University along with numerous continuing education credentials. After over two decades of a professional business career, Kaytee took a sabbatical during which she focused on self-care and found her way to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also attended The American Comedy Institute and The Clown Conservatory. Today, Kaytee teaches cycle and bounce, she runs a private Health Coaching practice, Good Morning Wellness, and is a performance artist.

When you take one of her cycling or bounce classes, be prepared to work. She crafts each workout with maximum cardiovascular health as the primary goal, building useful muscle as a secondary goal, with fat and calorie burning as the end result. Each class is set to motivating music spanning decades and genres. Kaytee often provides additional health tips during her group exercise classes.

Looking to take your health to the next level? Participate in one our nutrition programs. Learn how to keep a beautiful pantry and refrigerator so that you eat a rainbow of food that support you in looking fresh and feeling vigorous. Balance and variety are the underlying concepts of Integrative Nutrition. Each program is designed for lasting behavioral changes in which you fuel your body with what it needs for long-term sustainable health. Private personalized programs are available.