develops the body uniformly,
corrects wrong postures,
restores physical vitality,
invigorates the mind,
and elevates the spirit.”
— Joseph Pilates

Pilates Plus WV, located in Thousand Oaks, is a boutique fitness studio offering effective and convenient 40 minute classes.

Our signature Pilates Plus reformer classes are renowned for their toning and strengthening benefits and our Cycle, Barre and HIIT classes are challenging and fun. We promise you, no two visits are ever the same!

From the moment you walk into our studio you will be welcomed into a clean, friendly and non-intimidating environment. We care about your personal goals and needs. Classes are deliberately kept small so that you receive individual and personal attention throughout.

Now, all you need to do is show up, and let our knowledgeable trainers take care of the rest. With us, you'll be the best you can be!

I am a "newbie" when it comes to Pilates & was very nervous to try it. I've never liked a "gym" setting & had a hard time finding a type of workout or place that i liked. I love the workout & Pilates Plus is super clean & positive environment. The owner is very proffessional , sweet, helpful & great with instruction. I've been impressed with all the instructors and classes & highly recommend it!

~Karen n


As an endurance athlete I joined Pilates Plus looking to get a stronger core and maintain more muscle. 3 months later I'm finally seeing the results. Better yet, I've become stronger as an athlete.


Fantastic results since I joined in 2009: 1. cholesterol level - went down from 2014 to 182. 2. dress size: from a size 10 to a size 6. Love the instructors and my fellow students. My husband started attending last November and he has felt significant energy level change especially when he plays soccer on Sundays.



I love the Pilates SPX classes! Every class has such a variety of moves that no 2 classes are the same. I really enjoy the feeling of a great workout and that's what I have gotten from every class. Highly recommend, a must try!


Pilates Plus is the best workout for moms.  I started taking classes early in my pregnancy.  10 months post baby, my abs look AMAZING and I’ve never felt better about my body.  The 40 minute workouts fit well in my busy schedule.  No muffin top for this mama!



I'm 57 years old, I've always watched my weight, exercised religiously, and I eat right. I've done aerobics, step classes, and weight training, combined with cardio, but it wasn't until I started pilates that I really noticed a difference in my body. I lost inches around my mid-section, my stomach is flat, my arms don't look like they're melting any more and I actually have a rear end! I don't look like I'm in my 20s but I sure don't look like I'm in my 50s either, and it happened relatively quickly. I started attending Pilates Plus in June, going twice a week for the 40 min classes, and after the first month I could see a difference, by the end of 6 months, I look and feel like a totally different person. 

I highly recommend Pilates Plus Westlake.


I have been a member since 2009. Great studio classes keep getting better. Wouldn't miss my classes for anything. Challenging creative and Great workout. BTW I love Lexie Another reason I come.



                                      This month marks my one year Pilates Plus WV journey. And, what a journey! I'd never liked going to gym                                          and watching (listening to) busy bodies dropping weights, waiting for a particular gym equipment, etc. I                                        thought to myself that I am going to give this Pilates Plus thing a good try but remained skeptical. About                                          about 7 months, I was hooked and committed to come 3 times/week (that's a miracle in my world).

                                      Pilates Plus WV is fantastic! I love the results and willing to keep going without an end date.


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