We LOVE the combination of Cycling and Pilates. These two forms of exercise share many of the same philosophies. Here are just a few:

MIND~BODY CONNECTION: This comes about in the form of visualization, body awareness and thought process. Visualize how the body is moving and what muscles we are engaging. As we gain a level of awareness and connection with our bodiesmovements we perform more efficiently, have better control over our muscles andthereby reach our goals.

CORE STABILITY: This is the key to nearly every activity we engage in. In Cycling, core stability results in more powerful pedal strokes and more efficient use of energy. In Pilates we strengthen our core muscles while simultaneously improving our strength, flexibility, posture and endurance.

BREATHING: Proper breathing techniques relax the tension in our bodies and allow forbetter oxygen exchange. Thus, we will be able to perform at a higher level of activity while staying focused and stress free.

ALIGNMENT OF OUR BODIES: Hips, legs, upper body, spine and neck must all be correctly aligned to promote the necessary flow of energy, power of movement and properuniform muscle development. You will love this combination of pure training, toning and cardio.

*Information and text taken from David Curry’s article in Spinning News


A 40 minute full body workout utlilising the indoor cycle bikes and the Pilates Reformer. Your class may also incorporate handweights and or other props such as the magic circle, or weighted balls.



This class is geared towards clients of all levels.




You will need sneakers or cycle shoes equiped with double SPD clips for the cycle portion of the class and socks for Pilates. Preferably socks with grips (available for purchase at the studio). Please bring a waterbottle.  We have towels and water available at the studio.