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In addition to our general studio policies you agree to the following regarding monthly auto pay memberships:

1.    All classes must be used within 1 month. If you attend more classes than your monthly limit you will be charged accordingly.

2.    We require a cancellation notice of at least 14 hours prior to the scheduled class. For Monthly Members; any late cancellations will result in a $10 Late Cancellation fee. Single and Package Class holders will forfeit their class. 

3. For Monthly Members; any late cancellations made within 2 hours prior to the scheduled class will result in a $20 Late Cancellation fee.

4.      We have a No Show policy. If you are registered for a class and do not show up, this is considered a No Show and will result in a $25 fee. *You are able to make up any missed class within the same month.

5.    *Fees may be waived at managements discretion. If a Late Cancellation or No Show Fee is waived you cannot makeup the class.

6.    Any 3 or 6 month commitment members may add extra classes at $10 per class. Extra classes for 1 month members are $30 per class.

7.    Unlimited memberships may take up to 2 classes per day. All other memberships are limited to 1 class per day.

8.    3 and 6 month commitment memberships will automatically renew at the end of the commitment period. To cancel a renewal you must notify us via e-mail prior to your monthly payment being processed.

9.    Termination Clause: if a membership is canceled within the commitment period, there will be a charge of the difference between the commitment rate and month to month rate for all months accrued.


6 and 12 month commitment members may freeze their accounts as follows:

1.    The minimum freeze time is 1 week.

2. Management reserves the right to deny any account freeze requests.